Voice Amplifier - MA-2800

MA-2800 HM30 Set
MA-2800 HM30 Set

MA-2800 Voice Amplifier with HM30 Back Ear Looped Headset


Exterior Packaging


Auto-switching power supply


Adjustable Sling/Waist Strap with quick release buckles.

HM30 Headset
HM30 Headset

Back Ear-Looped Headset

HM30 Rear View
HM30 Rear View

HM30 Back Ear-Looped Headset Rear View

2800_palm size
2800_palm size

Small and lightweight.

MA-2800 enlarged
MA-2800 enlarged

Sleek Design with durable ABS mould.

­Model Number: MA2800/HM30

Product Descriptions: Voice Amplifier (Black Edition) with back ear-looped headset condenser microphone


Experience the difference

We guarantee you the 'wow' factor when you give our voice amplifier a try. With 8 watts power coupled with a 2 ¾" aluminum reinforced speaker cone, crystal clear and undistorted voice reproduction is what you can hear.

The voice amplifier weighs simply 175 grams but is packed with most complex circuitry designs to ensure simple operation. Easy to use and ergonomically designed for comfort and style.

Don't worry about over-charging, as the amplifier will cease charging by itself upon full charge.

How about a 1000 charging cycle for the rechargeable batteries? This works out to 'zero' maintenance cost for the next three years!

To protect your investment, the voice amplifier is covered under a two-year warranty! 



  • Adjustable strap with quick release buckles (sling across the body or waist)

  • Stainless steel belt clip for easy fastening

  • Flexi-arm neck-worn microphone piece for comfortable wearing

  • Uni-directional back ear-looped condenser headset microphone to minimise unwanted interference

  • AFC (anti-feedback circuitry) technology to improve gain before feedback

  • ABS body for better sound reproduction

  • Enhanced components employed for critical parts prone to wear and tear

  • Auto-switching power supply that works in any country

  • Comfortable lightweight ear hook headset design to suit everybody, even works well with glasses.



 Speaker Unit

 Dimensions: 83(W) x 84(H) x 33(D) mm

Weight: 175 grams (including batteries)

Battery: 4 x AAA Ni-MH

Charging Time: 4 - 8 Hours

Usage Time: Indoor - 10 Hours, Outdoor - 6 Hours

Microphone Unit

Type: Electret Condenser

Sensitivity: -65+/-4dB

Impedance: 2 K ohms max.

Directivity: uni-directional

Frequency Range: 68-15,000Hz

S/N Ratio: >60dB min.

Connector: 3.5mm