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Infrared VES (Voice Enhancement System) Multi-room System

Infrared System

with complete installation package

SKU: EC-IR-121-1001

IR Hand-held Transmitter

- runs on 2 x AA Batteries

- volume control dial

- Mic / Line switch

- comes with lanyard

- easy plug in for headset option (3.5mm)

SKU: EC-IR-121-1006

Charging Docker

- to use with 2 x IR Microphone

- dual charging indicators

- 2-directions charging options

- comes with power supply unit

SKU: EC-IR-121-1002

IR Receiver Module

- runs on DC12V

- volume adjustment

- 6.3mm quarter inch socket

- comes with power supply unit

SKU: EC-IR-121-1008

Active Speaker Unit

- HAS4040 & HAS3030 Options

- Hybrid Active System (1 Active, 1 Passive)

- 240VAC direct power supply

- in-built EQ for Mic and Music

- L+R & L/R settings

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