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Integrated Simple Control System - Control 1C Touch Panel with IR/RS232 Switcher

pdt32_CP1500_Switcher_Back View


This multimedia control system allows users to access to their AV Equipment with ease. Press the “ON” button to give chains of preset commands to activate the projectors, projector lift and motorized screen. With em- bedded RS232 and IR learning capabilies, the control system can adapt to different setups and equipment.

Other valued added features includes programmable commands via PC, Programmable IR learning functions and Direct IR Learning func ons, Pro- grammable RS232 func ons, Built in on-board Relays, Remote Power Control, Preset Microphone Level, Preset Music Level, Blank Screen and WLN command alloca on, Return-Looped WLN Audio, Auto-switching power supply.

No more messy remote controllers and difficult to access switchers, our All-in-one, simple to setup and programmable controller will serve well for most simple mee ng room and classroom setups. 

How does it works


The Control Panel can be mounted on the wall or on the table. It will be installed in a location where it is easily accessible to the user. E.g. In the classroom se ng, the control panel can be mounted on the teacher’s table. Whereas, in a meeting room setup, the control panel can be mounted on the board room table.

Connections using Relays

All equipment controlled by the Relays (motorized screens, projector life or electronic curtains etc) will be connected to the control panel relay connections.

Controls by IR

For equipment that can only be controlled by IR (e.g. DVDs, TVs), simply lay a cable from the equipment to the control panel IR port. A external IR transmitter is required.

Controls by RS232

For equipment that have RS232 port (e.g. projectors, switchers etc), they can be connected to the switcher RS232 port.

Multimedia Controls

All Video/Audio sources (DVD, CD Player) and VGA Sources (PC, Laptop, Document Reader) can be connected to the various kind of VGA and composite inputs.

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