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Multi-room System for Teaching & Touring Stations (Installation Series)

Digital Voice Enhancement Teaching System (DVETS)


Adoption of Digital Voice Enhancement Teaching System


As there are thousands of digital channels with SSID coding, the transmitter will hook up to respective receiver in the room. No cross interference will occurs, as each transmitter has its own unique coding.

Digital Voice Enhancement Teaching System (DVETS) is a revolutionary concept that is derived from Wi-Fi. With increase capability of the router and data transfer capability, the technology is harnessed to use for transmission of audio signal, and in some cases video signal. This technology is adopted by solution companies such as Epson Projector, IOS screen mirroring, Intel WIDI and Miracast for PC and android devices.


For teaching application, this means greater convenient and easy adoption. As simple as your mobile phone connects to a wifi signal through a pre-designated SSID, the transmitter connects to the receiver whenever the teachers enters the room.

As there are a thousand of digital channels with SSID coding, the transmitter will hook up to respective receiver in the room. No cross interference will occurs, as each transmitter has its own unique coding. Phantom Acoustic DVETS are engineered to avoid the detection or interferences by mobile devices. More important, there is absolutely no disruption to existing APs or repeaters.

The reasons behind the high adoption rate of digital wireless teaching system is that there are many advantages over the analogue system such as UHF, VHF, IR etc. They will be covered in the coming sections.





Low Battery Consumption

The transmitter consumes 1/3 the power requirement compares to analogue transmission. A fully charged transmitter with 5V Lithium-polymer battery can sustain at least 8 hours of usage.

Dual Pairing (Only for DR-02 model)

In the digital platform, each set of receiver (DR-02) are configured to allow 2 numbers of transmitters (DPM-162) to be synchronized. As such, the teacher and student can used up to 2 transmitters in a room without having to invest in more hardware and cabling as compared to analogue system. This will come in handy for discussion based teaching or language program whereby two teachers are required to teach in a classroom.

Low Carbon Footprint

To support the Earth Conservation movement, Phantom Acoustic has always focused to build products that have minimal carbon foot print. As such, stringent design guidelines are in place to ensure the products uses minimal power consumption and recyclable resources.

Compact & Lightweight


With the adoption of Lithium polymer battery, the overall weight and size of the transmitter is reduced. The pendant transmitter (DPM-162) merely weighs 30 grams, it feels as lightweight and small as a highlighter or whiteboard marker.

Controlled Transmission Distance

With typical audio application, 10dBm transmission power is required to transmit the signal up to maximum 15 metres of coverage range which is sufficient for classrooms or small lecture halls.

Ease of use

The transmitter (DPM-162) is fitted with its own high sensitivity microphone which pick up the vocal signal while using its both as a hand-held microphone or pendant microphone. This can be configured by the volume control buttons on the transmitter itself. It can also be used with headset (DHM-02) should hands-free operation is needed. This will give a better voice reproduction compared to its high sensitivity in-built microphone. The headset will give lower ambience noise and will be lesser prone to feedback.

Fast Charge System

The transmitter (DPM-162) can be fully charged within the first hour. Only use the supplied power source for charging to achieve optimum result.

Low Cost Solution

As digital platform is greatly adopted, the production cost of these devices has been more economical than traditional analogue system. The advancement in battery storage technology and digital signal transmission has made the solution economical for mass market to afford. For the DR-02 receivers, it can hook up to 2 transmitters at the same time, thus saving more unnecessary need for additional hardware, power supply and cabling cost.


Optional PPT function

With its own matching PPT-USB02 module, the transmitter (DPM-162) can be used as a “clicker” for powerpoint slides during presentation. Simply plug the PPT USB module to any USB port of the computer. (Both Intel and Mac OS)

Laser Pointer

Phantom acoustic has incorporated the laser pointer function to its transmitter (DPM-162). This will comes in handy during presentation. The aim is to un-burden the teachers from having to bring too many gadgets to class.

Product Safety

Phantom Acoustic Digital Voice Enhancement Teaching System (DVETS) emphasis priority on product safety. All power supplies are approved by international CE Standards and also local Singapore Safety Mark (07-1637-11).


Download Spec sheet for DVETS

Product SKU Number

Standard Items                                                                     


Digital Pendant Microphone x 1                                       



USB Clicker Module (op onal) x 1



Digital Receiver (Dual Pairing) x 1


Retractable Charging Cable for DPM162 x 1


USB Power Cord for Receiver x 1


Power Supply 5VDC (Safety Mark) x 2


Optional Items


Headset (optional) x 1



80 Watts Hybrid Active Speaker System (optional) x 1 pair



40 Watts Master Active Speaker System (optional) x 1 pc



40 Watts Slave Passive Speaker System (optional) x 1 pc

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