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Pro Series Wireless Microphone System

UXD100 with AD214
UXD100AD214 Rear
UF9S with Condenser Capsule
Instant Sync Button
UF9S Battery Compartment
UST-9 with LAV6 Lapel Microphone
UXD100-UST9S Presenter Set
UXD100 with UF9S Hand-held Set

Instant-link synchronisation makes sure that the wireless microphone (transmitter) follows the wireless channel settings for the receiver in the pre-determined room. 

Widely adopted for halls, auditorium, lecture rooms, meeting rooms. Hassle-free smart channel pairing and scalable solution from small room to big venue.

True diversity receiving system is trusted for all big venue events. With its own unique antenna divider solution, no room is too big for UXD-100 series.


MASCOT UXD-100/UF-9S/UST-9 UHF true diversity wireless microphone system represents a progress in sound and performance, the high quality engineered for professional sound installation.  Individual frequency bands features 700 selectable pre-programmed frequencies for multiple system’s configuration.  True diversity system provides satisfactory long distance transmission solution for professional purpose.   Auto-Scan technology is applied for quick available channel search.

UXD-100 UHF True Diversity Receiver

  • True diversity system ensures the steady reception quality and minimizes dropouts.

  • 700 available frequencies.  Preset 4 frequency banks containing 8 coordinated channels each.  

  • Automatic frequency scan provides a quick shot to an available channel.

  • Wireless synchronization via SYNC technology.

  • Adjustable squelch for eliminating RF interference.

  • Multi-channel configuration via combining several frequency bands provides a highly flexible as well as easy for simultaneous use solution.

  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” outputs for use with a wide range of equipments.

  • BNC-type antenna connectors can be optionally mounted with AB-8A booster to amplify RF signals.

  • Also can be cooperated optionally with AU-9A active directional antenna, AS-1 antenna splitter / combiner, or AD-214 antenna divider for RF signals reception solution.

UF-9S (SYNC) Handheld Microphone

  • Condenser or dynamic capsule microphones for choices.

  • LCD shows the status of frequency and battery.

  • SYNC function for simple frequency channel setting.

  • 2 AA batteries for at least 10 hours operation.

UST-9 (SYNC) Bodypack Transmitter

  • 3pin Mini-XLR TA3F connector compatible with lavalier, headset microphone or guitar cable for various purposes.

  • LCD features status of frequency and battery.

  • SYNC function for simple frequency channel setting.

  • Switchable 3-step gain adjustment.

  • 2 AA batteries for at least 10 hours operation.




Frequency Range: UHF 540~570MHz

Bandwidth: 30MHz

Preset Channel: 4 Groups with 8 compatible channels in each group

Oscillator: PLL Synthesized

Modulation: FM: ±20KHz

Normal Deviation: ±20KHz with limiting compressor

S/N Ratio: >100dB, at 20KHz deviation and 60dBµV antenna input

AF Response: 80Hz to 18KHz

T.H.D.: <1% (at 1KHz)

Dynamic Range: >100dB

Tone Signal: 32.768KHz

UXD-100 Receiver

Channel: Single 

Case: Half 19” EIA Rack Metal Case

Receiving Mode: True Diversity

Channel : Manual select, Auto-Scan, SYNC

Image & Spurious Rejection: 70dB minimum

Receiving Sensitivity: At 2µV over 52dB S/N ratio

Selectivity: >50dB

Audio Output:Balanced & Unbalanced 

Power Supply: DC12V

Current Consumption: 260±10mA

Dimension(mm) WxHxD: 200 x 42 x 183

UF-9S Handheld Microphone / UST-9 Bodypack Transmitter

Channel Select: SYNC with receiver

Display : LCD displays status of frequency and battery

RF Power Output: 10mW (max.)

Frequency Stability: ±0.005%

Spurious Emission: >60dB below carrier frequency

Battery: DC3V(1.5V x 2AA batteries)

Tone Signal: 32.768KHz

Gain Setting: UST-9: -10dB, 0dB, 10dB (3 settings)

Current Consumption: 120±10mA

Dimension(mm) WxHxD: UF-9S: 260 x 52φ / UST-9: 65 x 97 x 24

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