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How Does It Works? 

Installation Mode (where iTeach PAS-1 is fitted in multiple locations)


Bring DPM162 to any rooms or locations fitted with iTeach PAS-1 Speaker Unit.

Press and hold the Pendant Mic "Power Button" for 2-3 seconds. The Pendant Mic will start pairing with PAS-1. Once completed, both Pendant Mic and the PAS-1 unit is ready to use. This is indicated by a beep sound.

Portable Mode (where iTeach PAS-1 is used as a portable speaker)


First turn on the iTeach PAS-1 Speaker unit by pressing the "Power Button". A beep indicator will sound off to notify you that the power is "ON".

Follows by turning on the Pendant Mic by pressing its "Power Button" for 2-3 seconds. This will turn on the "Pendant Mic". Once a double beep is heard, the mic is ready to use.


Digital Pendant Mic

Side View

Front View

iTeach PAS-1

Speaker Unit


Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Classroom 3

Pendant Mic works in all areas.    No setting required.

iTeach in School Applications   - No Boundaries. Unlimited Sets

Meeting Room


Computer Lab 


Outdoor Tour

iTeach for Tour Station Applications

Factory.      School.        Tourist Attractions.           Museum.         Airport.         Education Tour.


Station 1

Station 2

Station 4

Station 3

Tour Guide #1

Tour Guide #7

Tour Guide #11

Tour Guide #2

Tour Guide #5

Pendant Mic works in all areas.    No setting required.

Parts & Accessories

SKU                              Items 

iTeach DPM162U       Pendant Microphone

iTeach PAS-1               Speaker Unit (Single Pairing)*

iTeach PAS-2               Speaker Unit (Dual Pairing)*

iTeach MK15V             Power supply 15VDC

(Note: * There are 2 models in total. Choose PAS-1 or PAS-2 for either Single Pairing function or Dual Pairing Function.)


Optional Accessories

iTeach DHM02        USB Headset

iTeach RCC              Retractable Charging Cable (for Mic)

iTeach MK5V           Power supply 5V (for Mic)

iTeach WS-1B          Windscreen (for Mic)   


Technical Parameters      

Pendant Mic                          DPM162U

Size                                          22 Ø x 130 mm

Weight                                     30 grams

Capsule Type                          Omni Directional Electret

Transmitting Distance           20m (Line of sight)

Pairing Distance                     3-5 metres

Frequency Response             50Hz ~ 15KHz

Operating Temp.                    -20 ~ 75 oC

Power Consumption             Around 30mA

Charging and Usage Time    30 min ~ 1 hour (Charge),

                                                  8 ~ 10 hours (Usage)

Transmitting Power               10 dBm

Sampling Rate                        32kHz

Speaker Unit

Pairing Type






Speaker Drivers


Nominal Power

Max. Power


Power input



Working Freq.


Signal to Noise Ratio

Resolution Ratio

Charge Time

Usage Time

Standby Time

PAS-1                        PAS-2

Single Pairing        Dual Pairing

118W x 118W x 145W mm

(including handle)

1kg (including battery pack)

ABS Dark Grey Resin (Housing),

Powder coated metal grille mesh

1 x 6.35mm(Main),

2 x 5.59mm (Side) bridged



3.5mm (Audio In)


(included with speaker unit)

12V 6000mAH Pack (Li-126000)

Included (ON by command)

2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz



16 Bits

2 hrs

4-5 hrs

24 hrs

Mounting Methods

Mounting to wall or pillar

Mounting to projector bracket

Mounting to concrete ceiling

iTeach adopted by Singapore Government Schools

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