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This mixing amplifier is rated at 250W and 4-16 Ω speaker output are provided. There are 3 unbalanced microphones inputs and 3 aux inputs. Bass and treble controls are provided. This amplifier can be applied to different occasions, such as supermarket, classroom, etc. Extensive protection from short-circuit, overload and high temp is ensured. Automatic cooling system ensures the extreme quite sound system. 



● 100V & 4-16 Ω, rated power 250W ● Support USB / SD / FM radio, with built-in chime
● 4 MIC inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting fun

● 3 AUX line input & 1 AUX line output for power extension
● Each AUX & Mic input with individual volume 

MP610U PA Mixer Amplifier with 6 zones output